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8 Reasons to Work with an Interior Designer

I have been asked this question a number of times over the years…why work with an interior designer?  To streamline this, I will attempt to answer this query with 8 valid reasons to justify the need for an interior designer.
To my mind, this one starts the list:
  1. COST EFFECTIVE – We save time and money, big commodities in this modern world. Instead of spending countless hours searching websites, Pinterest, HOUZZ- and getting more confused by the minute. We quite often have that information right at our fingertips since this is our job. We have a vast knowledge for product and can point you towards exactly what you have been dreaming of for your project usually in short order.
  2. VALUABLE RESOURCES – The sources for product is immense from the common to the unique. We have the ability to solve those problems, often finding products that the consumer doesn’t even know exist. How often do you glance through the various magazines wondering where you can find that piece or something similar. We most likely can track it down so you have a home that is uniquely yours not a cookie-cutter copy.
  3. ASSESSMENT OF SITUATION – Often we are called into solve a dilemma, find a way to make the room come together or improve the function of a space. We study, we listen and we start honing ideas that work for the homeowner.
  4. CONTACTS WITH TRADES – Because we do this so often, we quite frankly have a list of tradespeople and sources who can get the job done. People that we know whom are insured and trusted. We have seen their work and often rely on them to interpret what we are looking for or help us get even more creative on a job site. I love and respect my trades.
  5. BUDGET AND PLANNING – This is probably the most difficult part of our job that is getting the client to reveal their budget. This again saves everybody time and money so we can spec the items that will truly reflect your wallet. We want to provide you with the look that you want and do it in the most cost-effective manner.
  6. TRADES LIAISON – We work well with builders and other trades, we speak their language and help them interpret what you are looking for on a project. We work to keep projects on track, on budget and on time. Tell me how overwhelming it can be when doing a project and you have a myriad of decisions to make in a hurried manner. We help to alleviate the concerns of whether this is going to all come together in a cohesive manner.
  7. ARBITRATOR – This is the one that is most used by a designer, our secret power. Conflict resolution, compromise, the psychology of a client is of upmost importance. We strive to keep peace in the family and with your project. Think of us as the umpire.
  8. MIXING OLD AND NEW – This is the most masterful thing that a designer does. Working with the client to join their present belongings with the new- accepting the fact that the “papier-mâché sun mask” has to have a place in the room- and working somehow to get all to fit and flow together.
We work to create timeless designs to suit your style! That is my ultimate role as an interior designer.

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