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Interior Design and Every Day Life

“Design Guru”—“Maven”—“Ask Patti, She Will Know”—Those are often the added titles to my name as an interior designer.  It is amazing how involved one becomes in a client’s life and how much they depend on you to have the answers. This week alone I jotted down the requests that I had from clients, which required me to call upon my photographic memory for obscure details. Thankfully I am constantly reading and researching (thank goodness for Google) and can respond to their requests almost instantly!

This week started off with a client’s bedrooms for her 2 sons under renovation at this moment.  One of the boys collects guitars and needs a place for them besides the floor. We thought a guitar stand mounted on the wall would be a great fix,  but we also don’t want to have them as a permanent addition to that wall soon to be a guest room in the next couple of years.  Yes, they do always keep coming home, but with less of a daily presence to the room.  So after a bit of research (thank you Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz) the solution is to attach a board to the wall with industrial brackets (eventually just a quick patch job for those holes) then attach String Swing guitar hooks (see link below!) to this board and VOILA!  Hang up those guitars and ROCK ON!

From “teenage wasteland” to an elderly client who is requesting attractive contemporary shower/ grab bars while bathing—quite a contrast, but even for somebody totally healthy or sure on their feet these shower bars can add great protection from slippage on slimy bath products or soap.  What’s nice is that I had already researched this for another client in a rental property and found these great ones from Oxo that are suction-cupped to the wall (see link below for a link to them).  Tremendous strength, the client has even traveled with them.

But the best advice came this week from a client who was so gratefully appreciative that I canceled a hair color appointment to work on a bath catastrophe at her home.  That will be another story later.  But she could see my gray roots quite well and when I told her that my next appointment for hair would have to wait till after my vacation because my stylist was on break, she pulled open the drawer in her bath to do a quick touch up to my hair.  Eudora Conceal Dark Brown Root Touch-up (see link below) did the trick and I immediately went home and ordered it.  LOVE!  And yes, TMI on the gray roots but I figure that they were fairly earned by worrying about my clients’ jobs after all these years.

So stay tuned…I will be periodically featuring a list of my favorite finds to help you solve your dilemmas.

Enjoy the day! Here are the products I used:

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