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Add Your Own Touch

This quote is from 90 plus-year-old fashion and design icon Iris Apfel. It so relates to not only the uniform of black which I readily admit I am a strong follower but I always strive to give it my own twist, add my own touches of color. In the world of design, so many people are the same sheep, following the dictates of the big box catalog, furniture stores that woo with romantic stories of lifestyles. How does one interpret that lifestyle as their own, when that same page can be exactly followed by all your friends, neighbors and families?  We can all buy the same centerfold furnishings lifestyle.

This is when an interior designer really comes to the forefront. We research, we shop, we pull a myriad of sources to create individual looks that reflect our clients. We strive to give individual looks, not cookie-cutter designs. One of the premier sources for any designer is the “candy land” of High Point Furniture Market. This market is held twice a year for 85,000 buyers who come in from all over the world to research and purchase for clients. It is a phenomenal source, not open to the public because there are so many details that go into sourcing custom furnishings that as clients or consumers, you are totally unaware of their availability.

Color is out there, there is so much more than the current trend of grey, grey, and grey. So go ahead, live dangerously, trust your interior designer–shed that uniform and go for your personality. We are there to guide you!

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