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An important part of cozying up is having the perfect chair to do just that whether you intend to read, take a nap or seriously binge watch TV. The all important- that is MY chair—get out of MY chair- is essential equipment for any great room.

Now, comfort has a different meaning for everybody- some people like to sink into a chair, allowing it to envelop you, hug you. Others, want to support that back, easily be able to exit the chair when finished with the relaxation part of the day.

When working with clients, I really have to size them up- it is really a study of anatomy- seeing where the body length comes from- whether it’s broad shoulders or long torso, long legs or in my case, short legs. We all want it to work for us–for a short person, nobody wants to sit in that chair designed for the 6’6 person; same can be said for that person, nothing worse than having your knees touch your chin when you are seated.

I definitely have some favorites from choosing chairs over the years. Keeping in mind always- body dimensions, “tush” comfort and appearance in the room. The following are a few of my current favorites….represented by some of my favorite manufacturers.

Sherrill Furniture, Hickory White, Lillian August for Hickory White, Precedent, Kincaid, Fairfield Chair and Chaddock Company—always have a wide range of fabrics, sizes, custom capabilities in some cases and finishes.

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