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Working With A Designer

Scary thought, feeling confident with your own decisions, afraid that it is too expensive or that your project isn’t large enough…all good reasons but not really. I am far from intimidating, love confident clients who are comfortable with their decision making and you never know how a project is going to expand. Quite often, projects start with looking for that one obscure item and evolve into a much larger venture or expand over the years.

I find that some of my best clients are those whom have a sense of what they want but have no idea how to achieve it. They struggle to find the pieces that they have in their mind or in a picture but have been unable to locate on their own. That is where I can often work my magic, I have sources that are open to the trade only or vendors that are hard to explain because their solutions are unlimited. I help my clients streamline their thought pattern and achieve the look that works for them.

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